Colon Cleansing and the Prevention and Treatment of Piles and Hemorrhoids


This article is a follow up to an article I published a while back on the importance of a periodic cleansing of the colon. It outlined an unhealthy or diseased colon to be one of the major causes of most unhealthy conditions. Click this link to read the full article.

And in this article, we are going to examine the colon cleansing option for sufferers of piles and hemorrhoids – especially if the piles condition is caused by constipation, diarrhea, and an unhealthy colon (or digestive system).

First, we are going to define the conditions of piles (hemorrhoids), constipation, and then outline why a clean colon is essential for the prevention and treatment of these and other digestive ailments.

The medical condition of piles or hemorrhoids

In the context of this article, the condition of piles (hemorrhoids) refer to the enlarged and swollen veins in and around the rectum and anus when a person experiences difficulty while using the toilet. This occurs mostly because the feces is hard, lumpy, and difficult to pass out. And while trying to empty the bowels, the hemorrhoidal veins (which are located in the lowest part of the rectum and the anus) become swollen and stretch the walls of the veins.

This stretching of the vein walls leads to thinning of the walls and an irritating effect on the skin when passing bowel. As further pressure is exerted on the veins while stooling, they become inflamed (swollen) and/or thrombosed (retain blood clots), and subject the sufferer to nagging pain, itching, redness and soreness of the anus, bleeding (when the thrombosed veins are strained to the point of bleeding), and a prolapsing (or protruding) of the affected tissues from the anus.

Now, I just explained what happens in the rectum and anus. But before we get to point when the rectal and anal veins begin to stretch, enlarge, and cause different abnormal conditions, something else is going on up in the colon and causing the pressure down in the rectum and the anus.


The condition of constipation refers to bowel movements that are infrequent and less than normal (3 times or less per week) or hard to pass. It is usually accompanied by

* hard, lumpy, and dry stools

* straining while passing bowel

* a feeling that there’s a blockage in the rectum that prevents bowel movements

* a feeling that the stool cannot be completely passed out

* swollen belly and belly pain

All of these, and similar conditions, most commonly occur when waste from stomach, which is supposed to be passed out as stool, moves too slowly, and cannot be effectively eliminated from the rectum, making it to become hard and dry.

The underlying causes of this digestive system dysfunction are mostly:

* poor and unhealthy dieting

If you consume more of refined sugar, dairy products, meats, eggs, and low and a low or no quantity of whole-grains, fruits, and vegetables, the chances are that your colon will miss the health-enhancing properties of the fibre they contain, which is required for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Fibre is mostly indigestible, and have the sponge-like effect of scrubbing and pushing wastes through the colon.

* inadequate fluid intake

The colon requires to absorb fluid (water) in other to keep wastes (stool) soft and easy to pass out. Not drinking enough fluid leads to hardness and dryness of stools.

* caffeine and alcohol

Drinks containing these substances increase the frequency of urination and makes the body loose water fast. This leads to relative dehydration as there isn’t enough water to carry out regular digestive functions.

And the other causes of constipation include lack of physical activity, eating disorders, resisting the urge to visit the toilet, stress, the use of some drugs like antidepressants and pain killers, overuse of laxatives, etc.

The need for colon cleansing

As you can see, it’s very easy to get piles and hemorrhoids if proper attention is not given to the digestive system. Thus, as a method of prevention and treatment, any person with piles, constipation, or any illness of the digestive tract, requires to also pay attention to correcting the problems caused by constipation. A clean colon ensures that the digestive system is functioning well, absorbing enough water and nutrients, and keeping waste and stool soft and flowing.

Colon cleansing concentrates on removing accumulated waste, toxins, and impurities from inside the colon. When you clean the colon, you send water and some other materials (especially nutrients with the capacity) to infiltrate the undigested food particles and hardened stool, to loosen them up so they can be passed easily. Also, toxins which contribute to inhibit the proper functioning of the digestive tract are flushed out as well. Some of the benefits of colon cleansing include:

* Checking constipation and piles

The condition of constipation can cause poor digestion and vice versa. When these occur, proper digestion is impaired, the functions of the colon, which includes absorption of essential nutrients for proper functioning, are reduced. This leads to an undue pressure build up and straining in the rectum and anus (piles and hemorrhoids), a lack of energy, a weak immune system, and other conditions. Thus, it is important to check the build up of constipation and piles.

* Overall colon health

Everyday, our bodies take in toxins (harmful and poisonous substances produced when we eat, breath, and do other activities), and if we don’t flush them, they can linger in the colon and even seep through the colon walls into the other body tissues and organs. A clean colon ensures the body machine is functioning well, and stays healthy.

* Increased energy and concentration

When the colon is purged of waste and toxins, and functioning as it should, you will observe an increase in energy levels, better concentration and focus, and better overall health, because essential nutrients can be absorbed and utilized.

The other advantages of colon cleansing include jumpstarting the weight loss process, encouraging whole body detox (more oxygen can be taken in and utilized by the body, while used up or spent oxygen is flushed out), and reducing the risk of colon cancer.

In conclusion, it is crucial to pay attention to the way your digestive system functions. Irregular bowel movement (visiting the toilet 3 or less times in a week), insufficient water intake, passing dry and hard stool, straining to pass stool, etc. are all signs of constipation. If left unchecked, can lead to a straining of the veins in the rectum and anus area (piles and hemorrhoids). A healthy colon is the key to overall body health.

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