3 Secrets To Rapid Weight Loss!



If you have gotten serious about losing weight, I am sure you must be taken aback by the amount of effort you need to put in to shed lose fat.

You also have to be on your toes constantly, doing the things you need to do, to ensure you trim down and keep your new found weight.

But many people never get to that stage where their body begins to burn fat on its own (naturally), because they adopt a system(s) that only provide temporary results. If the system or process is entirely floored (to the body), they never get to see any results.

In today’s article, I am going to reveal 3 simple (scientific) steps that will not only help you lose weight fast but also help you keep ugly fat away for good. These 3 steps will reduce your appetite significantly, keep you fuller for longer, so you don’t get hungry and run into energy crashes, and they will improve your ability to burn fat naturally. Enjoy the article, and more importantly, get right to work immediately. Start implementing the steps. They are simple enough.

1. Reduce your carbohydrate intake

High carbohydrate foods like rice, yam, and eba, are the foods you want to avoid for now because they can sabotage your efforts.

Do you know what insulin is? Insulin is one of the major hormones that store fat in the body. One of the jobs of the insulin hormone is to store fat in the cells. It processes the carbohydrate in the foods we eat and stores them as fat.

Now, guess what happens when you eat more carbohydrate foods. Your body stores more fat because more insulin is produced to process the carbohydrate. The more the carbohydrate, the more they (insulin) will work to convert them (the carbohydrate) into fat.

So, to get your body to store less fat, you have to lower or reduce your insulin level. Scientists refer to this, as creating a hormonal environment that allows the body to expend calories (burn fat) properly. The amount of insulin produced by the body is always in proportion to the amount of carbohydrate available at the time. Thus, a simple diet regulation is necessary to create a healthy environment for fat burning.

Another reason why you need to keep your insulin level low is that it allows the kidneys to shed excess sodium and water out of the body. When this happens, bloating is reduced, and the body doesn’t store water unnecessarily.

If you are fat and have tried for a long time to lose weight, with no result, it is likely that your insulin level is high, due to high carbohydrate consumption. If you have kept this lifestyle for long, the carbohydrate is now “locked” in your cells, and your body is now accustomed to storing fat.

So, here’s what you need to do to get your body to a healthy hormonal state for natural fat burning. You need to do a total internal cleansing of your body system.

2. Eat plenty of protein and vegetables

meat and vegetable

Changing your diet is another way to achieve this cleansing. Remember that the cause of the problem is too much of carbohydrate-rich foods. You want to reverse to reverse that trend now by eating less of carbohydrates and more of insulin-lowering foods.

Plant-based protein is one of the food sources that can “unlock” that fat-storing mode that has made your body resistant to losing weight.

To speed up this process, you have to avoid eating carbohydrate foods for a few days and concentrate on protein-rich foods.

These are foods like beans, soybean, eggs, fish, seafood, lean animal protein, beef, chicken, pork, etc.

Protein is excellent for boosting the metabolism (activating the chemical processes that lead to fat burning). In fact, eating high protein foods alone can help you burn 80 – 100 calories per day.

Also, high protein foods can reduce the thoughts of foods by 60%, reduce the desire to snack late in the night by half, and keep you full so that you automatically eat fewer calories per day. No other food source gives this kind of (weight loss) advantage.

In addition to protein, you want to eat more of vegetables. Consumption of large amounts of vegetables will make you feel full, less hungry, and control your sugar cravings. Vegetables also contain lots of micronutrients that keep the body functioning at optimum capacity.

Vegetables also help keep the body at a good alkaline level, which is suitable for creating a healthy fat burning environment.

Make sure you eat lots of vegetables, but these are good for rapid weight loss: cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, onions, garlic, red pepper, mushroom, green beans, tomatoes, and garden egg. Eat plenty of vegetables. They are very good. In fact, meat and vegetables contain all the fibre, vitamins and minerals the body needs to stay healthy.

Next, you want to include some fat (healthy saturated fat) sources to your meals. Cooking oils like olive oil, avocado oil (including eating avocado fruit), butter, and (especially) coconut oil are very good fat sources for cooking. They contain Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) which are good for the health and can assist in metabolism.

So, your meal should consist more of protein, vegetables, and some good fat, and eat at least 3 times daily. This will drastically lower your insulin levels and make way for a healthy fat-burning environment.

3. Exercise 3 times per week (optional)

lift weights

This step is to boost your results. You don’t have to exercise if you strictly follow the first two steps.

The best form of exercise to help in rapid weight loss is lifting weights at least 3 times in a week. When you hit the gym, you want to do a warm up, lift the weights, and stretch afterwards. If you don’t have dumb bells, you can grab a pair of Ragolis water bottles.

When you lift weights, you will burn more calories and keep your metabolism up. A slowing metabolism is one of the reasons why many people find it difficult to lose weight. Lifting weights also make you gain muscle and lose fat. Muscles tend to feed on fat, so the more the muscles, the less the fat.

If you cannot lift weights, there are other options like running, jogging, swimming, and walking. Do them as an exercise and get your heart rate up to assist in metabolism.

These 3 simple steps will produce results if you haven’t been seeing any results, and will boost your efforts if you are already on track.

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Bonus tip:

Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices as they can easily make you get fat. You can drink as much coffee or tea as you want. Drink water 30 minutes before your meals to increase your metabolism.

Use smaller plates to eat so that you don’t over stuff your plate with calories, and eat your foods slowly to allow for better metabolism. And make sure you get adequate (6 – 8 hours) sleep at night. It is equally important.

There you have it, the 3 simple steps that will help you lose weight fast, whether you have been trying so hard for long, or you want to improve your results. Remember that steps 1 and 2 are compulsory. They are simple enough and you can do it. So, start implementing the steps, now. Don’t wait! If you want even faster results, click here to get the 9 days natural weight loss therapy that helps you lose between 5 – 10 kg of body fat in just 9 days.


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